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The Story of McCaskill & Company

The Story of McCaskill & Company

McCaskill & Company is the realization of a childhood dream. As a young boy William “Bill” Campbell enjoyed visiting his grandmother, Gussie McCaskill Campbell. They both loved to get out the jewels and gems that his great-grandfather had brought home from his travels around the world. Bill never outgrew his fascination for diamonds and precious stones. He grew up with an appreciation for fine jewelry gained from his grandmother for whom he named his store. After graduating from college he never considered going into the jewelry business. Rather, he managed his family’s hardware and building supply businesses for over 20 years.

After these businesses were sold, he was able to follow his dream. Starting in a small kiosk in Seaside and then to Sandestin Market Place, Bill was the sole employee. As the business grew and developed, Bill’s wife, Elizabeth, shared in the company overseeing the business operations and marketing. After 25 years working in community mental health as a licensed therapist and administrator, she too made a dramatic shift in careers joining Bill full time after their move to their free standing location since 1999.

From working as a personal jeweler with only a small case of pearls and other gems, Bill now receives recognition from the world’s finest designers. In the twenty plus years since he began, Bill Campbell has worked hard, never compromising his excellent relationship with his customers, nor the quality of the jewelry he presents to them.

In the fall of 2008 the Campbells were pleased to announce the opening of Sarah Carolyn @ McCaskill & Company. Their daughter opened a fashion jewelry and accessory boutique adjacent to McCaskill & Company filling a niche in the Destin area for quality, moderately priced jewelry. After seven years it was time for Carolyn to take a more active role in McCaskill & Company, thus Sarah Carolyn was closed. The boutique once home to Sarah Carolyn was transformed in the summer of 2015 to a luxurious Bridal Design Gallery. The intimate, relaxing setting is perfect to allow couples to shop for the perfect wedding rings at one of the most magical times in their lives.

To all of our clients, from all of us at McCaskill & Company - Thank you!

Bill & Elizabeth Campbell
Carolyn Campbell Brigman


Meet Our Founders

Bill Campbell

After graduating from college with a business degree, Bill was groomed to take over the family building supply business. After 20 successful years, he decided to follow his heart and sold his two businesses to begin his career in jewelry. With no experience in the field, Bill relied on his intense passion for jewelry and sheer determination to make it work. Starting as a personal jeweler with only a very small suitcase, he called on friends and referrals sharing his jewelry. Within months he was asked to join the Seaside Merchants and McCaskill & Company was born. From there, Bill moved the company to Sandestin and then built the current free standing location. Bill has become known throughout the Southeast for his keen eye, intense love of design and gracious nature. One of his greatest delights is personally cherry picking each piece of jewelry that is featured in McCaskill & Company. He loves hosting guests and making each visit a memorable experience.

Elizabeth Campbell

The jewelry business was a second career choice for Elizabeth as well. With masters degrees in psychology and in health education, she worked in community mental health as a licensed therapist and administrator for 25 years while raising their three children. As McCaskill & Company grew, Elizabeth performed the administrative and marketing functions in the evening. With more and more time devoted to the business, Elizabeth eventually left her profession to assume a full time role in the company. With husband, Bill, on the sales floor, Elizabeth assumed responsibility for general operations and administration. Over the years she has continued this niche in the business. Although she considers herself “behind the scenes,” her influence is readily detected in her elaborate marketing and her attention to all the details from personnel to all the special “touches” that you receive from McCaskill & Company. Elizabeth especially enjoys all of the aspects that work together to deliver McCaskill’s consistent branded message.

Carolyn Brigman

Being the daughter of Bill and Elizabeth Campbell, proprietors of the acclaimed McCaskill & Company, Carolyn grew up in the jewelry business. Over the years she had accompanied her parents at numerous jewelry shows and was particularly helpful in selecting the more fashion-oriented collections. Upon completion of her Business Hospitality degree at Florida State University, she returned to McCaskill & Company to further the success of the store for another generation. Her first seven years were spent in her fashion and jewelry boutique, Sarah Carolyn. Needing to devote her full attention to McCaskill & Company (and the birth of her baby boy), she closed Sarah Carolyn in 2015. As was the plan, her former boutique served as the perfect training ground for running all aspects of a business, just on a much smaller scale. Carolyn now serves as Vice President of McCaskill & Company. With her father’s keen eye for jewelry and her mother’s business savvy, the future of McCaskill & Company is in very good hands.

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