Exceptional Diamonds

The most beautiful diamonds that the Emerald Coast has to offer

People come from all over the Southeast to buy their diamonds from McCaskill & Company, here’s why. McCaskill & Company distinguishes itself from the rest by offering the highest quality diamonds while maintaining competitive prices.

McCaskill & Company Diamonds are the finest cut, most brilliant diamonds available on the market today. Selected directly from only the world's finest diamond cutters, every McCaskill & Company diamond is cut and polished for maximum brilliance, beauty and lasting value. Round Brilliant cut diamonds, Cushion shaped diamonds, hard to find Asscher cut diamonds and Emerald shape diamonds ... with diamond resources that span the globe, we have every size, color, shape and price range at our fingertips and work diligently to insure you the very best possible price in the country. This is the pinnacle, the ultimate... the McCaskill & Company Diamond.

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