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  • How to Drop a Hint: The Not-To-Shabby Ways to Tell Him It's Time

    This may not come as a surprise to many that men can play dumb. They will completely miss the signs, forget the most important of days and fail to notice things that are placed right in front of them. But men are men and this forgetfulness has long been associated with them.
    A woman, on the other hand, forgets nothing – even things that she should. Maybe that is what makes them so compatible with each other. Not to hate on men, but when they forget important stuff women must get their attention some way, right?
    The same oblivion is experienced when women try to hint that they are ready to settle down. These allusions often go unnoticed. Alas! If only we had lived in an ideal world where it wouldn’t seem awkward talking openly about a topic with your partner! But since we don’t, here are some subtle ways or as we like to call them, not to shabby ways to remind him that you are all up for the transition from a girlfriend to a wife.

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  • Take Special Care: How to Clean Opal's

    How did those October ladies luck out with their opal birthstone? Maybe the simple alliteration of "October opals" or the stones' multi-colored hue reminiscent of fall influenced the decision. Regardless, women around the world, whether born in October or not, seem to be falling in love again with the beautiful gemstone.
    Opals have been trending, particularly with millennials, some of whom are even choosing them as engagement rings. Because each stone is unique, with hues varying from soft to vibrant, they are an apt choice for representing a once-in-a-lifetime love. They are also known as a lucky stone, and who couldn't use a little more luck in her life?
    The return of opals' popularity has been traced to Cate Blanchett's decision to wear opal earrings to the 2014 Academy Awards. Blanchett chose the stunning Chopard cluster earrings in part because opals are "must-haves" for Australians. Ninety-five percent of the world's opals are produced in her native Australia. Since then, designers around the world have been drawn back to opals, introducing them to a new generation.
    Opals are delicate stones requiring special care and cleaning. They should be cleaned with a gentle, non-ammoniated jewelry cleaning formulation that is safe for softer stones and doublets, following the product instructions carefully. Opals are often set with glue, including in doublets, brooches, and some earrings and rings, and should not be soaked in any liquid for a prolonged period of time, which can break down the glue. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on opal jewelry, as the vibrations may cause the stone or glue setting to crack.
    Opals also require careful storage. Because they are composed of five to ten percent water, opals will deteriorate over time as they dry out. If you do not store them properly, they can literally turn to dust. As they dry out, opals turn milky, losing their beautiful layers of color, and may crack. Once they become too dry, one can try to add moisture back, but often they cannot be repaired. That is why it is very important to store them in a cool, moist place, minimizing exposure to heat and dry environments.
    Opals are sometimes stored with an open glass of water to maintain humidity; you may see jewelers using this trick inside a case of opal jewelry. When storing your own opal jewelry, place your opal in a cotton cloth or pouch with a few drops of water, then seal it in a plastic bag.

    Cate Blanchett image: Getty Images


    Article from The Kingswood Company, the jewelry cleaning experts

  • Fire Opals

    Oscar Heyman fire opal rings

    Fire opal glows with the fire of the sun: hot yellows, oranges, and reds so bright they look as though they might glow in the dark. Fire opal sometimes does have play of color like other opals but it does not need this to take a starring role in jewelry. Its juicy color is just the right accent to earth tones or black and also looks great paired with other bright tones.

    Unlike most opal, fire opal is often faceted, so you can choose sparkle as well as color. Because it is light as well as bright, fire opal is especially good for earrings, where even small sizes have a big punch of color.
    Fire Opal was born in fire, in the ancient volcanoes of Mexico. Fire opal forms when water seeps into silica-rich lava, filling seams and hollows. Under heat and pressure, the silica forms a solid gel, trapping the remaining water within its structure. Small pebbles of fire opal are found embedded in lava flows. Continue reading

  • October Birthstone: Opal

    Erica Courtney opal rings

    A beautiful opal is one of a kind: a natural artwork with a unique pattern of rainbow flashes of color unlike any other. It's as individual as your personality. You may prefer an opal that serenely glows with pinpoint flashes of the blues and greens of the sea and sky. Or you may fall in love with a gem that flashes broad patterns of red and yellow, with all the bright festivity of carnival in Rio. And with its rainbow appeal, opal complements everything in your wardrobe. Continue reading

  • 7 Ways to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in Your Relationship

    Photography by Liz Banfield

    While your first few months with your significant other were spent taking on the town, trying out all the best date spots, and going on adventures, now that you've been together for a long time, you've probably fallen into an everyday routine. It's not uncommon, and sometimes it's nice to spend an entire weekend cuddled up on the couch. But when your relationship entirely lacks those spontaneous outings, you can both be left feeling discouraged. If you feel like your comfort zone is the only zone you spend your time in, it's easy to shake things up—in and out of your own home. These seven tips from a relationship expert will instantly rekindle your spark.


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  • Designer Line: Armenta

    The desire to design jewelry came from Armenta’s imagination as a child when learning about gemstones. As she got older her strong creative impulses grew as well, driving her imagination wild with the expressiveness that can be revealed through jewelry. Continue reading

  • September Birthstone: Sapphire

    JFA sapphire and diamond rings

    Sapphire comes from the Greek word for blue, sappheiros , and this gem provides the most beautiful blues of the gem kingdom. The ancient Persians believed the earth rests on a giant sapphire. Its reflection, they said, made the sky blue.
    Sapphire is the original “true blue”: the gem of fidelity and of the soul. In ancient times, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of trust, honesty, purity, and loyalty. This tradition makes sapphire a popular choice for engagement rings.

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  • Designer Line: OMI Privé

    The core of every Omi Privé fine jewelry piece lies within the colored gemstone it reveals. The grandeur and the focal point, each gem is resonant of the past. We believe that every individual today has the ability to connect with a stone. In its essence, each gemstone is a living treasure from nature that should speak to the viewer. It is our determination to bring the stones to life through the jewelry in which they are presented.
    Gemstones are among the earth’s greatest rarities. The love of stones is in our blood; it is a part of who we are, and showcases where we are destined. We purvey hidden parts of the world to source the jewels that inspire great design. Every Omi Privé piece reveals our connection to nature. Each gem is a rarity and an exclusive insight to millions of year past. An Omi Privé gemstone is natural, valuable, and exceptional. Continue reading

  • August Birthstone: Peridot

    JFA peridot and diamond earrings

    The fresh lime green of peridot is its distinctive signature. The color of most gems is caused by traces of other elements but the color of peridot is an integral part of its structure. If you love citrus tones or earth tones, you'll find that peridot is an integral part of your jewelry wardrobe. Its spring green color also is ideal with sky blue.

    The beauty of peridot, the gem form of the mineral olivine, is a result of extreme conditions. Peridot is found in the rocks created by volcanoes and even in meteors that fall to earth. A few samples of extraterrestrial peridot have even been faceted into gems. Peridot is formed deep within the earth under tremendous heat and pressure.

    Peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the goddess Pele's tears. The island of Oahu even has beaches made out of tiny grains of peridot. Although Hawaii's volcanoes have produced some peridot large enough to be cut into gems, virtually all peridot sold in Hawaii today is from Arizona, another state with extreme geology. Continue reading

  • A Cut Above

    Forevermark sets a shinning example in Botswana that goes well beyond diamonds

    Forevermark loose diamond Forevermark loose diamond

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