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  • New Looks from Golden Globes 2019

    Starting a new year out with all the fashion from the Golden Globes is a great way to get new ideas for how to wear jewelry or even what is trendy.  We loved seeing so much green, all the stacks of bracelets, and of course all the sparkling diamonds.  One celebrity's look that really stood out was Amber Heard and how she was classy but piled with all the jewelry...because we absolutely LOVE jewelry!!  We especially loved how she mixes and matches her looks and added designer Marco Bicego.

    Amy Elliott a writer of 'All that Glitters' for JCK wrote a great article about how Heard's style and why she loves the look.  What do you think and do you stack up your jewelry? Continue reading

  • Pantone Crowns 'Living Coral' the Color of 2019

    According to Panton, Living Coral, its color of the year for 2019, both connects people to nature and is an optimistic and joyful shade for social media.

    Carlstadt, N.J.—Color trend forecaster Pantone has dubbed “Living Coral” its color of the year for 2019.

    Calling the shade, Pantone 16-1546, optimistic and life affirming, Pantone said it represents real life connections and intimacy, which are lacking in the digital technology and social media age. Continue reading

  • The Story Behind the Stone: When Bracelets were King

    The practice of adorning oneself with beautiful metals and stones is hardly a new concept. From ancient civilizations like that of Egypt to modern times, we have been endlessly fascinated decorating ourselves. And it’s not just the women who are compelled to decorate themselves with extravagant jewels. Persian, Babylonian and Egyptian men, especially nobility, were heavily bedecked with precious ornaments.

    Bracelets were a big item, as they emphasized arm gestures like waving or condemning foes in battle.

    Childhood scarab bracelet of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun

    Look Over There

    We need only to look at museum relics to understand the importance of bracelets for the male gender in ancient times. In early Egypt both adults and children wore brightly hued jewelry made of gold and precious stones. For much of its history, jewelry was an important story telling device. Not only did it convey the power and status of its wearer, but it offered protection against evil spirits and was essential when burying the deceased to insure a successful afterlife. Continue reading

  • McCaskill & Company Holiday Catalog

    Looking for the perfect holiday gifts this season?  Check out our Holiday Catalog to find some sparkling and great gift ideas.  Flip through to see a selection of the gorgeous designer jewelry that we carry.  Does that special someone have a wishlist?  Planning to propose?  Getting a necklace for your daughter or watch for your son?  Call or stop in and let us help you get the perfect accessory wrapped up to brighten the holidays with a smile.

    McCaskill & Company 2018 Holiday Catalog
  • Spring 2019 Pantone Colors Are In

    Get ready for vibrant, wow your socks of beautiful shades of color for Pantone's Colors Spring 2019, like Fiesta and Turmeric.  Pantone Color Institute just announced the 12 colors that we are likely to see on-trend spring and summer of 2019.  These shades "will evoke confidence and empowerment. The hues are uplifting and joyful, both spirited and playful."

    Pantone's Colors Fiesta and Turmeric

    Continue reading

  • Upcoming Events

    Make sure to mark your calendars for our great upcoming events that you do not want to miss!

    The Great Estate Buying Show

    September 24th, 25th, & 26th

    Back by popular demand - The Great Estate Buying Show! National Rarities will be on site to purchase your fine art, rarities, watches, sterling silver, gold/platinum, fine jewelry, coins/currency and other items.  You will receive cash immediately.  No appointments necessary.

    Continue reading

  • Colorblocking: The Art and Fashion of Multicolor Gemstones

    Stop into McCaskill & Company today to check out our gorgeous jewels; such as the watermelon tourmaline and their gorgeous multicolor attributes.

    Placeholder Alt Text The complex faceting of this ametrine creates a blended effect of purple and yellow, reminiscent of a Bolivian sunset. Courtesy of Minerales y Metales del Oriente, Bolivia, SA. Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA

    Clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories that sport multiple solid colors, usually in bold and bright shades called colorblocking, have reappeared on the fashion scene in a big way the last few years, but the trend is not new. It first appeared in Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 collection, which was inspired by the artistic styles of modern Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, whose paintings were a collection of geometrical and colorful shapes. This 1960s mod fashion may be passé, but just as trends in fashion often return and thrive again, colorblocking feels new. Continue reading

  • Featured Designer: Oscar Heyman

    Designer Oscar Heyman creates gorgeous fine jewelry pieces that bring a balance of "rich history with a modern point of view, appealing to glamorous women of all ages with a style that is eternal."  They design and create jewelry for every woman; from pieces that will be a cherished family heirloom, something that you see on a celebrity, or something created for a member of the royal family.  They design pieces that is given meticulous thought and care and is truly a work of art.

    Continue reading

  • July Birthstone: Ruby

    Happy birthday to all of the July babies!  Your birthstone the ruby is considered the "King of Gems."  It is said to represent love, health and wisdom; and believed to bring owners good fortune.  A ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones and depending on color and quality the value can increase, although the color is the most important feature.

    Paul Morelli Mini Stellanise Ruby and Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold

    Continue reading

  • 7 Things I Learned About Jewelry-Making From Oscar Heyman

    We absolutely love designer, Oscar Heyman Brothers and loved reading this article from JCK.  Magazine Editor Victoria Gomelsky visited Oscar Heyman's  Madison Avenue Headquarters and we thought we would share her amazing experience.

    Continue reading

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