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  • Brighter Colors Ahead - Pantone's Pop of Color

    McCaskill & Company is bringing you Pantone's 2017 colors in an array of designers; Louis Glick, Pamela Froman, Erica Courtney, Konstantino and so many more.  Stop in Destin, Florida and check out the top jewelry designers gorgeous and colorful pieces to help brighten your wardrobe!



    PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara

    Comfortable and dependable, Niagara leads the PANTONE Fashion Color Report as the most prevalent color for spring 2017. Niagara is a classic denim-like blue that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation.

    PFFJ_LongOpalEllieRing Pamela Froman "Ellie" Opal and Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

    PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

    By contrast, Primrose Yellow sparkles with heat and vitality. Inviting us into its instant warmth, this joyful yellow shade takes us to a destination marked by enthusiasm, good cheer and sunny days.

    Louis Glick Fancy Yellow Diamond Pear Pendant

    PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

    Conveying even more energy is Lapis Blue. Strong and confident, this intense blue shade is imbued with an inner radiance.

    Layout 1 Lauren K "Gemma" Blue Sapphire Earrings

    PANTONE 17-1462 Flame

    A red-based orange, Flame, is gregarious and fun loving. Flamboyant and vivacious, this wonderfully theatrical shade adds fiery heat to the spring 2017 palette.

    Mandarin Garnet Bracelet with E Clasp by Erica Courtney Erica Courtney "E Clasp" Mandarin Garnet Bracelet

    PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise

    Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua that calls to mind a change of scenery. A cool blue green shade that speaks to our dream of the great escape, Island Paradise is emblematic of tropical settings and our desire to unwind.

    Jude Frances CZ005X-BTSK Small Cushion Silhouette Earring Charms in Faceted Blue Topaz set in 18K White Gold with 0.02 ct Simple Diamond Accent (Charm Only) JudeFrances Blue Topaz and Diamond Charms and Hoops

    PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood

    Continuing the tranquil mood, Pale Dogwood is a quiet and peaceful pink shade that engenders an aura of innocence and purity. The unobtrusive Pale Dogwood is a subtle pink whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow.

    Gurhan "Paradiso" Opal Earrings

    PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery

    Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

    JFA Peridot Earrings JFA Peridot and Diamond Earrings

    PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow

    Tropical and festive, Pink Yarrow is a whimsical, unignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes. Bold, attention getting and tempestuous, the lively Pink Yarrow is a captivating and stimulating color that lifts spirits and gets the adrenaline going.

    Lesley Rubellite Ring Erica Courtney "Lesley" Rubellite Ring

    PANTONE 18-0107 Kale

    Evocative of the great outdoors and a healthy lifestyle, Kale is another foliage-based green that conjures up our desire to connect to nature, similar to the more vivacious Greenery. And, just as we see in nature, this lush and fertile natural green shade provides the perfect complementary background to the more vibrant tones in the palette.

    Astritis Konstantino "Astritis Collection" Prasiolite

    PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut

    Rounding out the spring 2017 colors is Hazelnut, a key neutral for spring. This shade brings to mind a natural earthiness. Unpretentious and with an inherent warmth, Hazelnut is a transitional color that effortlessly connects the seasons.

    fLzfubsoG9pU_1bTdgpXHPfE_eXw6t3RhUE90OfBm3A[1] McCaskill & Company Signature Pearl Ring


    The Colors and Description of colors come from Pantone written by Laurie Pressman

  • JudeFrances Trunk Show

    JudeFrances and dogThis weekend you will not want to miss our JudeFrances event! Making the weekend even more special, will be a personal appearance with Founder, Jude Steele. Be sure to mark your calendar for our Champagne Reception to meet Jude on Friday, June 23rd from 3:00 until 7:00.
    One look at her designs and you will quickly see how it has become one of our most popular collections. Combining classic elegance with on trend shapes and styles, JudeFrances Jewelry offers something for women of all ages. The endless combinations of the JudeFrances categories including the signature earring hoop and charm concept, stackable gold bangles, long layering chains and pendants, stylish cocktail rings and simple gold stackers, allow the JudeFrances collector to create a style distinct to her.
    Founder Jude Steele uses her unique style and design aesthetic to lead the JudeFrances design team in creating fresh, on trend styles that appeal to a variety of women. Driven by fashion and style, Steele has a knack for staying ahead of trends. This combined with her background as a photographer has given her a keen eye not only in leading the design team but creating new vision for the company as a whole.
    Adding another component to the ever popular JudeFrances earring hoop and charm silhouette, the now coveted earring charm frame creates endless Ways to Wear. Combining the JudeFrances 18K gold and diamond hoop earrings with any number of earring charms and earring charm frames create limitless style possibilities. As a collector, the JudeFrances woman can take the Ways the Wear to the Ways to Collect and create a jewelry wardrobe and look reflective of her own personal style.
    In business since 2002, JudeFrances continues to grow and develop into one of the most coveted fine jewelry lines available. The twice yearly Spring and Fall Collections include Provence, Lisse, Moroccan and Sonoma made with 18K gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones and the Soho Silver and new Encore Collections feature sterling silver, pave white topaz and semi-precious stones.
    Stop by this Friday (10:00 to 7:00) or Saturday from 10:00 to 5:30 to see her extensive collection. Don’t forget to join us for our Champagne Reception on Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 to meet Jude!

  • How to Wear Jewelry Like Rihanna

    Fashion is an ever-evolving industry that is influenced by time, places and people. But it’s not just governed by designers and models – in terms of the people who inspire change in their field; it’s also determined by those who wear their designs. In doing so, they help transform them by providing their own interpretations of the collections. Perhaps one of the biggest trendsetters in fashion today is pop and RnB sensation Rihanna. She has dominated the charts and has been awarded a multitude of music awards, and in recent years, she has expanded her creative repertoire to become one of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

    Having previously been named one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World,” the pop icon has been and continues to be an important figure as she shapes various industries, not just music. From earning the role of creative director for Puma to her multiple fragrances and collaborations with MAC Cosmetics, Rihanna has also been a role model in the beauty world, as fans obsess over makeup routines, as shown in a revealing video feature from The Scene. She exudes style from head to toe, from her nighttime beauty regimen down to her choice in footwear. Her eye for jewelry is also a major factor in her enviable taste of fashion.

    Accessories always have the final say when it comes to outfits, and having the righ

    t jewelry is key in nailing any look. To steal Rihanna’s jewelry looks, here are some of pieces that she is commonly seen wearing:

    Hoop Earrings

    screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-12-16-33-pmThere’s no doubt that the “Work” singer loves her gold hoops. She’s been spotted on several occasions wearing different variations of classic hoops, such as textured styles and diamond encrusted ones. We can create any of our earrings in rose or yellow gold. Check out these earrings from the Caviar Collection that are studded with white diamonds and are just as flashy as the earrings seen on Rihanna.

    Layered Necklaces

    screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-30-29-pmAnother favorite of Rihanna’s is the statement necklace. While simple pendants may be timeless, she is all about taking risks in all aspects of her outfit. When she’s not showing off her newest chain choker, she’s rocking layered necklaces, as Your Next Jewelry show in one of their features. For the glittering layered look, why not try mixing and matching the necklaces from the Vintage Explorer Collection.

    Cocktail Rings

    screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-33-28-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-34-13-pm screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-36-34-pm

    Who could forget Rihanna’s love for grand cocktail rings? If she’s not wearing much shimmer on top, she is definitely pulling off some bling on her hands. Bangles, necklaces and earrings aren’t the only pieces that can make a statement. Here we have three types of cocktail rings that offer the sparkle factor she often looks for in her accessories, found in both the Passion Collection and the Caviar Collection.

    McCaskill & Company in Destin, Florida carries a variety of Simon G Jewelry pieces and many other lines that can help you create any look that you are striving to achieve.



    Original article on Simon G Jewelry by posted Dec 14, 2016

  • 27 Inspiring Diamond Facts

    diamond 4Cs1. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means “unconquerable.”

    2. Diamonds are the only product where it says right on TV that they are forever. They are estimated by scientists to be 3.4 billion years old.

    3. A diamond is worn for decades by its first recipient and then passed down to the next generation. They can wear it for decades more, and the diamond will still look exactly like it did the day it was purchased.

    4. The ancients believed that diamonds were splinters that fell off of stars or that they were tears that fell from God’s eyes.

    5. Diamonds became the traditional symbol of love in ancient Greece. Kings have worn diamonds through the ages as a symbol of strength, courage, invincibility and power.

    6. In 1477, the archduke Maximilian of Austria personally gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, and that is when the tradition of the diamond engagement ring was started.

    7. Diamonds are very rare. They come from Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and other places. De Beers says they have to mine 250 tons of diamond ore to produce 1 carat weight of gem-quality polished diamond.

    8. Each diamond is cut by a master with highly-skilled hands and years of required training before he or she is allowed to work with large crystals.

    9. Diamonds are the epitome of both nature and the craftsmanship of man.

    10. Diamonds are the universal symbol of love and wealth.

    11. Diamonds are a very small form of transportable, negotiable wealth.

    12. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We men just get dogs.

    13. A diamond on the 10th or 20th anniversary tells her you would marry her all over again.diamond-tweezers

    14. Diamonds are the most sought-after gemstone of all.

    15. Diamonds inhale light and breathe fire.

    16. A diamond is Mother Nature’s love affair with light.

    17. Diamonds can do their best work in dimly-lit places.

    18. Diamonds are the doghouse key getter-outer.

    19. When diamonds are cut to triple-zero or triple-X, they set the standards that all others are judged by.

    20. Diamonds are the only known substance whose beauty is unaffected by age.

    21. Diamonds have a sentimental journey. The longer they are worn and passed down, the more priceless they become.

    22. A diamond is not expensive if you keep it forever — it costs only cents per day.

    23. I’ve never seen a lab report make a diamond dance. Light does.

    24. Every diamond is like a snowflake or a fingerprint — no two are alike. They all have internal characteristics strategically placed by Mother Nature.

    25. Diamond is a symbol of purity, and it forms only under tremendous heat and pressure.

    26. Diamonds are always in style and they go with anything.

    27. Diamonds are forever, timeless, family, tradition, achievement, memories, heirlooms, love, forgive me, a lifetime, engagement, anniversary, babies, happiness, just because. Diamonds are the feelings and emotions that come with the story of the special occasion in life and the love that is shared.Tap-The-Top-Of-Your-Diamond


    article by Shane Decker
  • Paraiba Tourmalines: the fascinating story of a rare gem

    From the Brazilian state of Paraiba, neon-bright Paraiba tourmalines are one of the most sought-after gems in the world.

    by CLAIRE ROBERTS / The Jewellery Editor

    In just a few decades, Paraiba tourmalines have become one of the sought-after gemstones in the world. First discovered in the 1980s by Heitor Dimas Barbosa - who spent years digging in the hills of the Brazilian state of Paraiba on a hunch that something special was hidden there - he must have known he had hit the jackpot when he set eyes on his first, neon-bright Paraiba tourmaline.

    A 3.83ct Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline takes centre stage among a swirl of diamonds in this George Pragnell ring (£250,000).

    What makes Paraiba tourmalines unique?

    Almost every shade of tourmaline can be found in Brazil, but none has the vivid glow that distinguishes the Paraiba tourmaline, also known as cuprian elbaite. A product of the trace element copper, colours range from startling turquoise to majestic blue-green, but it is the incandescent glow that appears to light up the stone from within that makes Paraiba tourmalines incomparable to any other gem.

    One-of-a-kind Boghossian ring with a central 5.17 carat Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique surrounded by 5.84 carats of Les Merveilles-set diamonds (POA).

    How rare are Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines?

    To put their rarity into perspective, there is only one Paraiba tourmaline mined for every 10,000 diamonds, and a good quality Paraiba from Brazil weighing over three carats is virtually unheard of. So rare are authentic Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines that it is not unusual for them to achieve five figures per carat.

    African tourmalines with Paraiba-like qualities

    In a surprising twist in the Paraiba tale, in 2003, a new wave of luminous green-blue tourmalines entered the market, mined by hand in the copper-rich mountains of Mozambique and Nigeria. Paraiba-like in every way, with only minute chemical differences to those unearthed in Brazil, they are often found weighing five carats or more and have caused an ongoing debate as to what can and can't by definition be called a "Paraiba" tourmaline. Some insist that only tourmalines from the Brazilian state of Paraiba are Paraibas, while others are more inclusive.

    Doris Hangartner sets an outsize 37.84 carat Mozambique Paraiba-like tourmaline with smaller Brazilian Paraibas.

    Read about Brazilian vs African tourmalines

    Whichever side of the fence you sit, things start to get very interesting when you look at why this colourful gemstone has been discovered in two very different parts of the world. Compare the shape of the coastline of South America with that of Africa and it suggests that, once upon a time, the two were conjoined, with the copper-rich mountains of Brazil a whole lot closer - and quite possibly right next door - to the copper-rich mountains of Mozambique and Nigeria than they are today. It's impossible to prove, of course, but that simply adds to the allure of this incredible, one-of-a-kind gemstone.

    Amazing designers like Erica Courtney, Simon G, Omi Prive, and Pamela Froman work with this gorgeous stone.  Stop into McCaskill & Company and see some of our gorgeous paraiba tourmaline jewelry pieces.
  • The 4 C's of Buying a Diamond

    Choose a jeweler as you would choose a doctor

    Your jeweler should be armed with expert training, open to questions and able to provide answers in clear, simple language.
    Professional training can help you evaluate how knowledgeable a jeweler is. Preferably, their training comes from a highly-recognized and internationally accredited program, such as the GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) or Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) diploma programs. An educated jeweler will not only explain the 4Cs of Diamond Quality to you, but will be able to demonstrate the differences between apparently similar stones. They will also encourage you to compare a number of diamonds that fall in your budget.

    diamond 4CsUnderstand the 4Cs of Diamond Quality Continue reading

  • Platinum Kirk Kara Halo Engagement Ring Designs Featured on Hollywood Today Live

    Our breathtaking, one-of-a-kind halo engagement rings are truly romance personified, but don’t just take our word for it! On Hollywood Today Live, jewelry and style expert Michael O’Connor recently showcased the most fabulous trends in celebrity engagement rings, and his segment culminates with our own forever captivating halo designs. “The number one trend right now is actually the halo,” says O’Connor. “About 80% of women in bridal research say that they absolutely love the halo design.” He adds that the halo design itself has a special meaning, which is “you are the center of my universe!” O’Connor highlights our 126 years of expert craftsmanship, as well noting that Kirk Kara is the only jeweler to win The Jeweler’s Choice Award for nine consecutive years.
    Hollywood Today Live Hollywood Today Live

    Continue reading

  • Bridal Design Gallery Newest Designer: Sylvie

    We have added another fabulous designer to our Bridal Design Gallery: Sylvie.  Sylvie Levine was born in Antwerp, Belgium which is the center of the world's diamond trade.  She is committed to designing diamond jewelry that is timeless, versatile and sophisticated - at every price point.  She has created 14 collections that are personal and offer endless options.  Settings that can be customized in any size, shape, or cut and always with platinum or 14K white, yellow or rose gold.Sylvie engagement rings

    Continue reading

  • Interesting Facts of Pearls

    For all of your pearl lovers out there, we thought you might also love to learn these fascinating facts about these amazing gems and how they come to be.  This information might even make you love pearls even more, how rare they are and how hard it is to come by such exquisite pieces of jewelry. pearls Continue reading

  • 5 Things to Know About...Burmese Rubies

    As Valentine's approaches, the gemstone, Ruby, comes to mind. We thought that you would enjoy this interesting article from National Jeweler that highlights this fascinating precious gem.

    Burmese rubies have an almost mystical appeal to them. They are among some of the finest gems in the world and, up until this fall, hadn’t been allowed in the United States for years.

    This necklace from Andreoli, which makes all of its jewelry in Italy, features 20.63 carats of diamonds and 65.37 carats of Burmese rubies in 18-karat gold This necklace from Andreoli, which makes all of its jewelry in Italy, features 20.63 carats of diamonds and 65.37 carats of Burmese rubies in 18-karat gold

    Continue reading

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